KDIV is a resource of The Voice of Diversity, a non-profit organization founded around the principles of education. The mission of the organization is to be a "voice" for minorities within the Northwest Arkansas Community. We strive to educate, entertain, and provide our audience a diverse reflection of music and issues that have been under-represented by other media. The Voice of Diversity (VOD) is committed to enriching the lives of its listeners by presenting material that will encourage new insights and expand awareness.


KDIV 98.7 will feature an urban contemporary format that highlights cultural diversity across its services area. The station will offer a commercial-free radio station that targets African America, Hispanic, Asians, Bi-racial, and Millennial whom prefer urban, R&B and soul-based entertainment. Currently, this market segment; people of color and multicultural millennial, is not being adequately served by any of the media outlets in Northwest Arkansas. By combining urban, R&B, and Billboard Top 40 music entertainment in a holistic manner that celebrates diverse cultures, the station will engage members of their target audience with the broader Northwest Arkansas community. Through high-quality, innovative content and targeted services, KDIV will allow the voices of their target listener to be heard in a safe, trustworthy forum. This facilitation of dialogue will help African American and people of color to feel more connected to the community. In terms of Millennials, their age range is 18-24 years old and account for 11% of the NWA population. 40% of Millennials identify as African American, Asian American, or Hispanic according to Nielson.com.

Ultimately, the station seeks to cast a broad net to diverse listeners allowing for a more inclusive and welcoming region for current and potential residents. KDIV through its programming, promotional efforts and community outreach will strengthen it’s listeners’ sense of belonging and community involvement ultimately providing them a reason to call Northwest Arkansas home.


  • Promote the development of educational diversity in Northwest Arkansas (NWA).
  • Assist in the growth of the black business sectors within NWA.
  • Improve the lives of the locals and transplants through radio and broadcasting. We define transplants as individuals or families that live in NWA but are not from the area. Most transplants are here to work for the major companies in the area. They are accustomed to having the option of urban radio because many come from major cities like Chicago and Kansas City. We will measure the betterment of our listeners through feedback they give us via phone calls, emails and other forms of social media.
  • Create and assist in the strengthening of social inclusion and awareness provide an outlet for all citizens that are in Northwest Arkansas.


  • Obtaining and managing the financial resources needed to stay on air.
  • Ability to deliver on the values outlined above.
  • Ability to deliver a high quality product that builds momentum to engage different cultural groups.
  • Develop a brand that is exciting and energizing but synonymous with class, style, trust and diversity.
  • Number of formal partnerships with the area corporate community and academic institutions.
  • 232,500 listeners in total.
  • 61,150 listeners from target audience.

Our Community

KDIV’s target audience will be but is not exclusive to the 7,686 African Americans ages 18-50 residing in Benton and Washington counties in Arkansas - (2013 American Community Survey). Other harmonious (people of color) included in our target audience are 55,000 Asian, Bi-racial, and Hispanic Americans ages 18-50 living in the area. Millennials living in NWA are also included in the 55,000 people.